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About Us

Dom's of Hollywood isn't some lame-ass corporation (we're an LLC).

Dom's isn't run by mindless drones who don't give a shit about the product or their loyal customers. Dom's was founded and is run by 3 ordinary guys that have a simple goal: to share their hopeless sense of immaturity with the world.

"Hey, you know what would be funny?" is the question that planted the seed that would become Dom's. A crude sketch of the Big Richard logo was scribbled onto a bar napkin and to follow our sexual metaphor, Dom's was conceived (though normally there isn't as much giggling afterward…normally). But unlike most ideas with similar origins, Dom's wasn't quite done there. The sketch and the concept were shown to a few buddies as a joke, and the reaction was always the same: "DUDE…where can I get one of those?" A world filled with political correctness and maturity shat out a glimmer of hope. Dom's of Hollywood was born.

While Dom's of Hollywood has been around for the better part of a decade, we recently decided too many guys are being deprived of the greatness that is our apparel. Too many dudes who would buy the shirt in a heartbeat and instantly become the envy of their entourage don't even know the shirt exists. It's not fair to those dudes and we knew it was our fault for letting them down. We've spent the last 8 months sourcing the best vendors we can to help us redesign the apparel with the finest materials we could find. We revamped our website to make it a little sexier and a lot easier to use. We did this thing called "SEO" (sexual executive officer?) to help guys find their path to greatness a little more readily. Long story long (that's what she said), we did a bunch of shit to improve our shit so you can be the shit.

Dom's is more than a shirt, a logo or a half-assed company run out of an asbestos-filled attic. It's a lifestyle. You know if you're Dom's…you have that fire inside (which is different than the fire inside you got from Candice on spring break). Chances are if you're on this site, you're one of the elite few who is just badass enough to rock the uniform. If you give not a fuck for what others think, then boldly click "add to cart" and join the movement, my friend. Today…is your independence day.

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